Women's Equality Day 2017: A Recap Of Our Grassroots Action!

This Women’s Equality Day, National Organization for Women (NOW) chapters mobilized in commemoration of the women that championed the 19th Amendment. Almost 100 years after women won the right to vote, we celebrate the progress we have made--but recognize that we have many more steps to take on the road to equity. Across the country, NOW’s grassroots activists held events, orchestrated rallies, and even lobbied for women’s rights to build upon this progress.

Visions for Equality


National NOW recognized Women’s Equality Day by inviting activists to contribute to “Visions for Equality,” a storytelling campaign that gives feminists the space to share what equality means to them. The Feminist Majority Foundation, Massachusetts NOW, Hollywood (CA) NOW, Montgomery County (MD) NOW, New York City NOW, and Charlottesville (VA) NOW all contributed to making the campaign a success! We received over 50 submissions, all of which are posted to NOW’s social media channels.


Lobby, Advocate, and Demonstrate for Women’s Rights!

NOW chapters recognized Women’s Equality Day by lobbying and demonstrating to advance women’s rights.



Connecticut NOW gathered at the Capitol Building in Hartford to call for action on the struggles women still face, including NOW's six core issues. The event featured speakers, music, and more.

West Pinellas (FL) NOW demonstrated at the Pinellas County Courthouse to urge the legislative delegation to introduce the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Florida. They held signs to commemorate Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, Shirley Chisholm, Belva Lockwood, and more.

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Southwest Pennsylvania (PA) NOW hosted a gathering at the Beaver County Courthouse to celebrate Women’s Equality Day. The chapter was featured on the front page of the Beaver County Times!




Montgomery County (MD) NOW partnered with the Montgomery County Business and Professional Women and Montgomery County Commission for Women for a Women's Equality Day celebration. State Senators Cheryl Kagan, Susan C. Lee, and Richard Madaleno, Jr. attended.



In addition, Montgomery County (MD) NOW and Washington County (MD) NOW chapter members were featured on the local news for participating in ERA lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Host Events, Celebrate, and Educate!

NOW chapters used Women’s Equality Day as a time to celebrate and educate on important issues--from voting rights to the ERA!

  • Madison (WI) NOW hosted a Women's Equality Day event that celebrated nationally renowned voting rights advocates, Molly Jean McGrath, of the ACLU Nationwide, and Analiese Eicher.

  • Virginia NOW hosted a Women's Equality Day reception and showed “Votes for Women,” a short film that included archival photos, stock footage, and suffrage period music.

  • Brevard County (FL) NOW celebrated Women's Equality Day at their Cocktails for a Cause monthly mixer.

  • Arizona NOW held a program in Phoenix that focused on the importance of ratifying the ERA and the continued efforts to encourage women to run for office.

  • Indianapolis and Hamilton County (IN) NOW attended and tabled at a Women's Equality Day rally.

  • Orange County (CA) NOW sponsored the 37th Annual Suffrage Day Brunch, where the keynote speaker addressed "Re-Imagining Political Activism."

  • Palm Beach County (FL) NOW hosted an event to celebrate Women's Equality Day. The event featured speakers and an award ceremony honoring Congresswoman Lois Frankel.