About Visions for Equality

No single image can capture what gender equality should look like in the United States. Income, race, religion, ethnicity, education. These shape how we see the world--and how the world sees us as women.

Visions for Equality is dedicated to capturing a vast spectrum of images and stories, each one informed by the unique experiences of an individual, and sharing them with the world. V4E is about uniting people who experience gender discrimination in all of its iterations--and together voicing a demand for equal rights under the law.

Our vision at NOW is a world where gender equality is woven into the fabric of our constitution. An amendment guaranteeing equal rights to people of all genders--closing gaps in coverage, curtailing the rollback of protections, and ensuring that sex discrimination is put under strict scrutiny in the courts, is what we have dreamed of for decades.

But that’s us. We want to hear from YOU.  

We invite you to share your vision for equality. These stories have the power to build unity among people--a unity that will be necessary to drive social change, and bring these visions into reality.