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We are in the middle of a movement. 

Over the past few months, our culture has seen a shift in dialogues around sexual harassment and sexual assault. Brave individuals have shared their stories and experiences, putting a face and a name to the epidemic of sexual violence in our schools and workplaces.

What we now see is the truth: sexual harassment and sexual assault happen across all walks of life, to people of all genders, abilities, ages, races, and sexualities. More alarming is that we are immersed in a culture that not only ignores sexual misconduct, but rewards and protects sexual predators from the legal and economic ramifications of their actions.

It’s time we change the norm.

The conversation about sexual harassment and assault needs to include both the stories of survivors and new ways to address and prevent hostile environments in workplaces and schools in order to end the culture of abuse of women

The National Organization for Women, along with dozens of partnered organizations have come together to say Enough. Is. Enough. We stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault and affirm that their stories deserve to be heard and that they deserve justice. We look to tangible actions, on legislative and cultural levels to provide support for survivors of sexual harassment and assault and educate people across the country on what they can do to end the epidemic of sexual violence.  

Join us today and say Enough is Enough. Our silence ends now.